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Compliance and Consultation

Community Management Services

Our top-notch, talented managers are the key to our business model. Alaska Management Group managers receive intensive training in customer service as a good portion of their day is spent face-to-face with vendors and homeowners. We believe in proactive property management practices. Our organization is proud that we consistently bring to our clients efficiencies that streamline operations while maximizing the rate of return on money spent. Our managers are charged with handling day-to-day community issues with minimal Board involvement.

Daily Operations

Compliance Consultation

Alaska Management Group serves as the managing agent for the Association. Each Association is assigned a property manager who works on behalf of the Board of Directors. We require our managers to professionally represent the Association when requesting bids, signing contracts, writing violation letters and interacting with homeowners. Our managers' report weekly to upper management.

Some specific tasks our managers provide are Community Visits/Inspections, ACC Compliance and Violation Enforcement. We understand that garbage cans need to be hidden away after being emptied, yards need mulching, balconies should be neat, etc. to maintain the aesthetics and continuity of the community.

One of the main responsibilities of a property manager is to help the Board maintain harmony in the community while upholding the design guidelines. With that said, Alaska Management Group has designed an inspection system which yields results. This system allows the manager to visit the community, note violations, send letters and follow up on compliance of letters the following week. This system creates a report that the manager can share with the ACC committee and/or Board.

Association Consultation Service

Our executive management team provides consultation services to ensure your association is at peak performance. Our Board of Directors education includes a comprehensive overview of your financials, budget preparation, project management, and declaration enforcement. We will develop standard operating procedures for you to follow to ensure a standardized approach and consistent positive results.

We also provide services for real estate licensees and potential buyers looking to purchase into a common interest community. A comprehensive understanding of the resale certificate is important when making the decision to purchase. We can provide you or your client the assurance that the home they are purchasing into will fit not only their lifestyle but also their budget.
Resident Survey

On an annual basis, at the request of the Board, we will prepare, mail, receive, tabulate and summarize the results of a Customer Satisfaction Survey. This keeps the Board informed on how the community feels about the work of the Board, the management company, and the other vendors contracted on the property. It also allows the Board to use community input to plan future projects. Alaska Management Group annually reviews each employee's job performance. In addition to the annual reviews, property managers are all assigned to a team with a senior manager and are coached, mentored and observed regularly.

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