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Community Management Services

Our top-notch, talented managers are the key to our business model. Alaska Management Group managers receive intensive training in customer service as a good portion of their day is spent face-to-face with vendors and homeowners. We believe in proactive property management practices. Our organization is proud that we consistently bring to our clients efficiencies that streamline operations while maximizing the rate of return on money spent. Our managers are charged with handling day-to-day community issues with minimal Board involvement.

Board Meetings

We ensure that the Board members are prepared to make decisions at the meetings: minutes are copied, bids are ready, reports are in and letters to the Board have already been answered. The preparation of a solid Board packet will guarantee timely and successful meetings. We have the ability to host meetings in our office, on site at the association or a venue of the Boards choice. VoIP, teleconference or video meetings are available options for those that cannot attend a meeting in person.

Manager's Monthly Report(s)

At each monthly meeting the Board will receive a detailed manager's report that includes no less than a meeting agenda, detailed monthly action item list, requested bids, legal report on suits or collections, homeowner requests, correspondence and a report on compliance issues.

Annual Meetings

We prepare and assist the Board of Directors with the annual meeting. Proxies, ballots, agendas, sign-in sheets, summary reports and committee reports are all prepared and copied prior to the meeting.

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